Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 1 in Paris!

After meeting up with Lucy-Jane and Tomas we got to see the sights!

Last Day in London

Olivia and I started out the day by taking a waterbus up the canal to Camden Market

Olivia's West African Veggie Feast!

The best Chicken Kebab I have ever had!

We ended the day in Hyde Park where we met up with Cousins Rach, Hannah, baby Leo and a friend of theirs Lindsay, where Rach made a delicious spread. She was very pleased when a total stranger at the park came up to us and said that our meal deserved to win the
"Best Picnic in Hyde Park" award.

Lindsay and Leo

Cousin Rach hanging out with "Youth Club"

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  1. That baby looks horrified of Olivia! Everything looks so beautiful and amazing. Post more! I miss both of you so much! -Serena