Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 4 In London!

Today Olivia and I came back from our lovely trip to Brighton, visiting with cousin Jess and James!
After only the few days that we have been here we've decided that England is amazing when it comes to transportation. Wherever you are there is always a bus or a train or something in walking distance.
After getting back to London we went back to Notting Hill to see all the markets that are there on Fridays-Sundays.
At one point I was trying on ridiculous hats, that was of course when we bumped into one of cousin Rach's friends Nick who we had met Wednesday night, luckily it didnt seem to phase him.
After a few short hours in Notting Hill we had to make ur way over to Waterloo station to meet up with cousins Rach, Becka, Andy and Lindsay for drinks. After a few hours sitting in these somewhat tiki/midevil, carved wooden chairs and benches(if you can picture that), we walked down the street to get Dim Sum. Our table just happened to have a view of the exit of one of the theatre's in the area, there were tons of people all crowding around waiting for a celebrity to come out. Lindsay and I got very excited and decided to investigate on just who exactly everyone was waiting for, -it turned out to be KD Lang. So we went back to our meal......... 

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